The Man Who Makes Your Vision…VISIBLE!

Shawn Tyrell
Shawn TyrellMarketing Mentor
“Success is not a destination…it is a TRANSFORMATION!”

Shawn Tyrell McCulloch

As a champion for the spirit of entrepreneurship, a vibrant voice on Social Media, Talk Radio and other platforms, people cannot wait to hear what Shawn Tyrell has to say. From his vantage point as one of the youngest team leaders for the pharmaceutical conglomerate, Pfizer Inc., to becoming a seasoned CEO driving his own entrepreneurial venture, Shawnboy, Inc., Shawn can relate to a variety of business professionals striving towards the common goal of putting their “best marketing foot forward.”

Skilled in team building and motivation, his personal engagement and leadership skills are the perfect formula for success. His energy and drive are contagious. Experienced in sales and marketing, this execution expert brings his unique ability to understanding his client‘s needs, and translating those needs into an effective strategic plan.

Shawn also invests time and resources to nurture and develop our youth and he is passionate about giving back to his community. In 2002 Shawn founded G.R.U.B. (Guiding and Rebounding Un-fathered Boys) an urban-based initiative to mentor, teach and empower boys living in women head households.

  • Marketing Professional
  • Entrepreneurial Mentor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Successful Blogger
  • Host of In the Black Radio

The Core Values

To create a network of self-motivated, community focused, change agents who agree to function as a primary resource for business development, continuing education and networking. To find, connect, partner, push, pull, inspire and applauded the worlds’ top business leaders and entrepreneurs for three reasons…
  • Collaborative Empowerment
  • Positive Profit Margins
  • Sociological Change
Marketing is the OVERALL communication of your business or brand.
All responsibility falls on our leadership.

The Core Services

Ask 10 people to define the word MARKETING and you will receive 11 different answers.
SIMPLY PUT… Marketing is the OVERALL communication of your business or brand. I emphasize overall because that is what most “marketers” conveniently leave out, either when defining themselves, or in their sales pitch to you. Failing to acknowledge that marketing encompasses the overall communication, gives the “marketer” the ability to force-feed your business what it HAS as opposed to addressing your organizational marketing NEEDS.
Effective logistical management takes PASSION, complete conceptualization of the VISION and RESOURCES. Your logistical management should be resourceful and grounded in effective relationship management. Advanced decision-making and beyond superior (and creative) problem solving techniques. A must have for your logistical manager is the ability to manage and MOTIVATE people.

Get the marketing insight and push needed to reach your goals using Shawn Tyrell as your Marketing Mentor. He will work one-on-one with you to develop a clear marketing plan for your personal brand or business. Shawn Tyrell will assist you in making your VISION… VISIBLE!